Monitorironium ● Videoinstallation

⟶ Monitorironium

In the context of 28. European Media Art Festivals subject „The irony in Media Art“ the second semester of the bachelor degree course Media and Interaction Design was provided with an exhibition room for them to design it.
The Monitorironium was located on the upper floor of the Bürgergehorsam (gun turret located in Osnabrück). In a completely darkened room 15 monitors stacked in a circle served the students as medium of exhibition. This is where the short movies – created in the course of the module „Interactive Motion Media I“ – were displayed. These movies contained political motivation, social criticism or interpreted events of the day in an ironical manner. Sitting accommodations placed across the room invited to stay. The combination of the aging monitors and the approximately 500 years old gun turret lent the exhibit a unique flair.
Carlos Niermeier and me were responsible for the project management, the exhibition concept and additionally provided a short film.