Racism as a social construction affects us all. We are all part of this exclusionary system and encounter racism in society and everyday life. The event & exhibition »WE AGAINST SILENCING« look at how our colonial past still affects us today from different perspectives and why discussing racism critically is crucial for our future. With contributions from various BIPoC artists, the event and exhibition invite visitors to reflect on social and individual transformations and to experience a place of solidarity and equality.

WE AGAINST SILENCING – Wir müssen über eine rassismuskritische Zukunft sprechen.
03.07.2021, Museumsquartier Osnabrück.


Douniah, Kaleo Sansaa, Pachakuti, Saman Hamidian, Jakob Schöning, Nikolai Blau, Iman Sarrami, Mansour Sarrami, Saira Shafiq, Walaa Alkhiami


Concept / Curation / Production:
Laura Igelbrink, Jannik Bussmann

Lisa Brück

Sound / Lights:
Cornelius Laube, Starlight Showservice

Florian Ropers, Jannik Bussmann

Special Thanks:
Museumsquartier Osnabrück, Melting Pot Music